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A critical element that determines the global competitive position of a country is the quality of academic faculty and experts in its educational institutions. The active presence of scholars who can predict international sociopolitical developments and who can create the strategies appropriate for addressing local as well as global crises is vitally important for our country in particular.

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The IHU School of Islamic Studies proposes to benefit from being located in one of the greatest centers of Turkish-Islamic civilization in pursuing its objective of passing on the wisdom and cultural legacy of this civilization to generations of students while also equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to form and express their opinions about the major human issues that today affect our lives.

The School aims to instruct honest, reliable and responsible Muslims in the competence to understand, interpret and perform Islam as a religion of peace and mercy. The Department of Islamic Studies sets itself the task of studying the primary sources of Islam; clarifying the main sub-areas of Islamic study such as creed and belief (aqi-dah), ethics (ahlāq), worship (‘ibādāt), Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), theology (kalām), exegesis (tafsi-r), and the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (hadith); supporting such study with the social sciences; and exposing students to both the traditional and modern interpretations of Islam.

Our Students and Academic Staff

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We invite you to work together in a competent university that has a say in the academic world that prioritizes comparative education.

Department of Islamic Studies

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