1. Bachelor

    The University of Science and Technology (USTY), Faculty of Arts, Islamic Sciences

  2. Master

    The University of Science and Technology (USTY), Islamic Sciences, Hadith Department

  3. PhD

    Canada Concordia University, University of Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences (Hartum), Ummu Derman University

Areas of Interest

Hadith, Usul al-fıqh, Critical Edition

Short Biography

Muhyiddin Avvame was born in Aleppo/Syria in 1976. When he was four, he moved to Madina with his father in 1980. He completed primary and secondary education at Tahfiz al-Quran al-Kareem and high school education at al-Ulum al-Sharia and graduated in 1996. Then he got into Yemen Science and Technology University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Islamic Sciences and completed hia undergraduate education in 2000. He began his Masters at the same university and graduated in 2005 with the thesis of “Ziyadat al-Hafiz Ibn Hacer al-Askalani fi kitabihi “Nuzhatu’n-nazar” fi ulumi’l-hadith ale’l-Imam Ibn Salah fi kitabihi “al-ulum al-hadith” He took his first doctorate degree with the thesis of “Tazir and its provisions in Islamic law” at Concordia University in Canada. He received his second doctorate degree with the thesis of “Kadı Iyad and his method in his book named “Masariq al-anvar” at the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences and the third one with the thesis of “The approaching of Sunnah by the Hanefism and Shafiism-Comparison Work” in Ummu Darman University. Along with memorizing the whole Quran, he is competent in the field of Hadith, Fıqh, Tafsir and Akaid. For over 25 years, Muhyiddin Avvame did his works in an institution founded under Muhammed Avvame and has long-served for critical edition of Islamic manuscripts. He has learned from some of the most well-known scholars such as Abdullah Sıddık Gumari, Habiburrahman al-Azami, Abdulfettah abu Gudde, Abu’l-Hasen an-Nadwi, Abdullah Siraceddin. Currently, he is writing his forth doctoral dissertation at FSMVU and works as an assistant to the rector at Ibn Haldun University.

Academic Publications

١ـ) من صحاح الأحاديث القصار

1-) Min sıhah al-ehadis al-kısar, Jeddah: Dar al-Minhac, 2012 (978-9933-503-13-0)

٢ـ) تقسيم الأخبار عند السادة الحنفية

2-) Taksım al-ahbar inde as-sadet al-Hanefiyyah, Jeddah: Dar al-Minhac, 2014 (978-9933-503-18-4)

٣ـ) سوانح في تفسير قوله تعالى “إن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي

3-) Sevanihu fi tefsiri kavlihi Teala: “İnnallahe ve melaiketehu yusallune ale’n-nebi”, Jeddah: Dar al-Minhac, 2015.