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2022 Summer School Program

We are delighted to offer summer school for a four-week course from 13 June to 8 July 2022.

The program aims to offer a unique learning experience in Dar al-Hadith in Suleymaniye campus in the vicinity of the monumental Suleymaniye Mosque of Istanbul for students who are seeking classical Islamic knowledge from all over the world.

The program will provide students with a foundation and understanding of the major Islamic Sciences. The students will develop the ability to read and benefit from the Arabic-speaking scholars, distinguished experts in Fiqh, Hadith, Kalām, ʿIlm al-Waḍʿ, Classical Logic, and Balāghah.

The program is primarily designed for the students who want to gain more information and to become familiar with classical approaches in the fields of Islamic studies.

This year program will bring together renowned Arabic-speaking scholars such as Hamzeh Al-Bakri, Abdurrahman Haraş, İbrahim Özdemir, Bilal Aybakan, Heytem Hazne, Abdülhamid Türkmani, and Muhammed Mücir Hatib.

In addition to the attendance of lectures delivered by experts in their fields, during the four-week program, participants will have the opportunity to explore the historic city of Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations while learning at a reputable boutique university in Turkey.

The student will get a participation certificate at the end of the course.

Admission Requirements:

This program is for the students who are fluent in Arabic and have studied Islamic studies in an Arabic environment up to an intermediate level to apply.

The application deadline is May 15, 2022.

The cost of the program will be $1000, payable upon acceptance to the program.

Accommodation: The students admitted to the program will stay in university-managed accommodation (typical halls of residence). The program admission fee covers the accommodation fee.

Please contact (is.summerschool@ihu.edu.tr) for further information or complete the form to register.